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Application Development

Many of the websites that we use everyday are more than just informative, they provide a variety of services, for example, banking websites or social media sites. Often these websites connect to back-end services to provide the functionality. These back-end systems often need to connect to databases to store information, process the information through a number of rules, and present this information to the user. This is my particular strong-suit, designing and developing these systems that manipulate the data as needed.

I'm a strong believer in using MVC Architecture to cleanly separate the data manipulate, the data storage, and the user views.


Developing application platforms is another aspect of my development experience.

  • 2017-2018 - NRG Energy, Inc

    At NRG Energy, I was a full-time Application Developer. I worked on a wide variety of systems, many having to do with back-end client and utility data processing and manipulation. These systems are primarily architected around the features Amazon AWS hosting platform.

    • Technologies: PHP, Python, AWS [EC2, Lambdas, queues, etc]

  • 2010-2011 - EZ-Tees, LLC

    My time at EZ-Tees was quite busy. Not only did I work on the websites, I also worked on their ground-up Customer Relationship Management system. My work on this system included:

    • Leading role in architecture of the system
    • Enhancing the home-grown PHP MVC Framework system for compatibility with the AJAX requests from the UI
    • Implementation of most of the model and data access objects
    • Implementation of an automated communications system.
    • Assisted in implementation of UI based on Sencha ExtJS
    • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript

  • 2008-2010 - Drakontas, LLC

    Drakontas is a leading provider of collaboration software solutions and training programs to Federal, state, and local governments, serving the defense, law enforcement, criminal justice, and transportation communities.

    In my time at Drakontas, I primarily worked on the latest version of the DragonForce team collaboration platform utilizing the XMPP messaging protocol. my work included:

    • Leading role in architecture of the system with fellow Lead Software Engineers
    • Lead developer (and often sole developer) of the Command Center, JavaScript UI
    • Developed the underlying JavaScript object model and controllers
    • Worked with the team to extend functionality of the XMPP feature-set to include "real-time" mapping and file-sharing,
    • Developed the file-sharing component for extending the Python-based back-end object model
    • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Python(Django), XMPP